Best Practices Tips - Teamwork


You want to be a team player. How can you make a useful contribution?

Building a strong team is based on mutual trust and respect of the individuals involved. The integrity and reliability of your associates is the key foundation to the success of your projects.

Here are six ways to forge a strong team.

  1. Always meet expectations.

  2. Motivate others in times of need.

  3. Accept your role no matter how small or great.

  4. Balance listening with speaking during meetings.

  5. Encourage development of ideas without prejudice.

  6. Acknowledge individual achievements within the team.

Does your team need an energy booster?

If you sense energies are low and the fun has faded, recognize that you need to immediately reflect, regroup, and regenerate. Literally open doors, allow energy to circulate, and you'll discover that healthy communication and motivation will flow too.

  • Encourage timeouts - outside.

  • Organize 'off-site' activities. New experiences and
    new environments inspire fresh ideas.

  • Offer an 'on-site' oasis to momentarily escape the hum and buzz of activity.
    To create new ideas you need to slow down the pace.

  • Have an office 'garage' sale. Surprising gems can generate a lot
    of laughs and draw people out of their silos.