Best Practices Tips - Life-balance


Revitalize your energies.

Nurture your personal life and the benefits will transfer to your work. Indulge yourself. Do things, just for you! If you look after yourself you'll be more able to look after others.

  • Write down your goal and target date for completion. Read it everyday.

  • get a massage.

  • read a book just for the fun of it.

  • treat yourself to dinner and a movie.

  • colour, draw, sing, dance, play an instrument. (no talent required)

  • hug your kids and pets more often.

  • walk more, eat less; sleep more, worry less.

  • change one thing about the way you look, inside and out.

  • lift your spirits by helping someone else lift theirs.

  • be generous with compliments.

  • count your blessings, literally!