Best Practices Tips - Leadership


Practice self-directed professional development.

Leadership does not always have to come from the top. Take responsibility for your own value, growth, and goals.

  • Build your personal brand within your profession and company, demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

  • Trust your ability to make decisions on your own, not every action requires higher level endorsement.

  • Serve your clients with urgency and focus, make your communications memorable and valuable.

  • Proactively share knowledge, be the innovator of new ideas.

  • Listen to the needs and challenges of clients and colleagues, offer solutions.

  • Keep up with current issues and events through research, reading, and listening.

Leading a meeting is more than planning the agenda.

Meetings can be time-eaters or they can be an effective way to communicate new ideas and achieve goals. If you are assigned the role of Meeting Leader or Chair ensure that the time is well spent by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your meeting has a relevant agenda.

  2. Prepare your own opening remarks.

  3. Review the agenda and schedule with the group.

  4. Keep to the agenda and to the schedule.

  5. Inform and remind pre-assigned presenters of their time allotment.

  6. Monitor airtime for responses to allow for balanced participation.

  7. Plan and implement a follow up strategy.