Best Practices Tips - Evolution


Self-assessment is a personal barometer for professional excellence.

Rather than wait for annual reviews, when the comments are usually 'after the fact', take a pro-active approach and do regular personal appraisals to immediately sharpen best practices.

  1. Ask your clients for feedback. They are the mirrors to your performance.

  2. Accept criticism as an opportunity for growth. High achievers do not view
    suggestions for improvement as threats.

  3. Each day identify your achievements and determine the reasons for your success.

  4. Each day identify your less effective situations and find ways to improve.

  5. Do one thing every day to build on your strengths or improve weaknesses.

  6. Observe the achievements of others and invite them to share the 'secrets to
    their success'. Inviting them to lunch would also be a gracious gesture.

Continual learning keeps you relevant.

There is a familiar theatre saying, 'You are only as good as your next gig.' Developing our skills, knowledge, and best practices increases our value to our company.

  • Expand your general knowledge; the more understanding you have of diverse
    cultures, individuals, and needs, the more you expand your scope of opportunities.

  • Continually upgrade skills; the evolving world of work requires evolving applications.

  • Mentor and be mentored; interchanging the roles of teacher and learner
    keeps ideas flowing and fresh.

  • Investigate success stories; learn from other people's proven approaches
    and strategies, including the competition.

  • Explore new experiences; new discoveries come from breaking old patterns.