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  Volume 2 Issue 1  

Act Now!

  Generate momentum. Champion morale. Encourage fresh ideas. Create a vibrant environment.  

These are challenging times. Smart leaders will invest wisely to help individuals stay resilient and tenacious and to keep their focus forward. Rather than sustaining a holding pattern, smart leaders are ensuring their employees are in a state of readiness when this cycle breaks. Cycles are exactly that – cycles.

Here are a Dozen Ways to Stoke the Fires of Your Professional Evolution:

Goal Setting
Sense of Humour
Wellness Maintenance makes it a baker's dozen!

Best Practice Tips:


10 Questions to Ensure You have Prepared an Effective Presentation.

  1. Do you confidently know your audience and have you customized content according to their needs?
  2. Have you organized ideas so that they flow smoothly and logically with seamless transitions?
  3. Are you using slides sparingly and strategically to support your words?
  4. Did you consider substituting a slide with a powerful or entertaining story?
  5. Have you included questions which evoke reflection or response to help keep your audience engaged?
  6. Is there a balanced combination of facts, anecdotes, examples and case studies?
  7. Do you have a shorter version of your presentation in case of unexpected time limitations?
  8. Did you time your presentation so that you are able to keep to the agenda?
  9. Have you anticipated questions or objections and prepared succinct and credible answers?
  10. Do you have a checklist of your notes, materials, directions, and contacts?

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A Quote to Note


Descriptive words can be powerful visual aids to help audiences grasp and retain your messages.

"When chosen carefully, rich language can affect a listener as significantly as any visual aid: a listener will visualize ideas and themes, which become more memorable."

~ from Say It Like Obama by Shel Leanne

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