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  Volume 1 Issue 4  

What's Current?


“Ignite Your Evolution” – In the 1990’s the hot issue was coping with the challenges of continual and rapid change – many thought this was just a phase. Over fifteen years later the topic is still burning. However, there has been a shift in mindset. Change does not have to be perceived as an imposed burden but rather an opportunity for personal and professional growth through building on best practices and developing new and improved practices.  This is the essence of evolution.  Click here to learn more about  my keynote speech, “Ignite Your Evolution.”


“Communicating in Our Fast-Forward World.”  Communication is a timeless topic. However communicating in today’s world requires special guidelines and skill sets in order to effectively receive and deliver messages. Click here to learn more about my keynote speech and workshop on “Communicating in Our Fast-Forward World.”  Of course interpersonal skills are exceedingly important so you may also want to take a look at “Communication: The Art of Give and Take.”


What's New?


Play VideoLorraine was recently a guest on the popular Vancouver television show Studio 4 with host Fanny Kiefer. Lorraine candidly shares her thoughts on change, risk, communication and humour. Click here to view the program.


Best Practice Tip: Out of sight, out of mind!


Although many would agree that the best communication is face-to-face, many would also suggest that this is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve. What's the next best thing to being there? The telephone conversation is a great way to make that personal connection.


Before you choose e-mail instead of a call or meeting consider these questions:

When was the last time I spoke with this person?
Have I ever connected voice to voice with this person?
Am I avoiding a confrontation?
How urgent is my message?
Would a quick call communicate my message more effectively?
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