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Volume 1 Issue 2

Best Practice Tips

The Credibility Factor

Credibility. Our clients want it, and all successful individuals and businesses have it. If you want to capture the attention and respect of your clients and colleagues, you need to earn their trust.

How can credibility be achieved?

To be credible is to consistently live up to promises and expectations:

Follow through on commitments.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Keep confidences.

Be accountable for your actions.

Exemplify professional ethics.

Pause for Thought

Blackberry Bloopers!

All thumbs and no SpellCheck has caused an eruption of misspelled words, abbreviation excess, lack of punctuation, and other grammatical mayhem with e-mail communication.

Those of us who own these gadgets and understand the challenges are quick to forgive our fellow BlackBerry owners. And yes, we are very aware of our 'CrackBerry' labelling. The reason we include the tag line "Sent from my Blackberry wireless handheld" at the bottom of our messages is to alert recipients that they may be about to witness unprofessional writing form. There is, however, one big advantage to receiving a message from a BlackBerry user. The messages are short.

It takes even the most seasoned users at least three times as long to write a message with their BlackBerry than with their computer keyboard. Here's the big question. If you receive a poorly constructed message that is rife with mistakes from a BlackBerry sender - should all be forgiven?

I welcome your thoughts at info@lorrainebehnan.com.

Winning Words

Literary Days of Summer

The heat has hit and the summer season is in full bloom. Many of us are sitting at our desks dreaming of getaway time or simply relaxing in our yards and reading a few good books. Summer is a great time to catch up on reading whether it is for professional development or personal pleasure. I find there are many valuable teachings about life in novels that can be transferred to our businesses and professions. Go to Lorraine's Library to help you with your summer reading.

It is books that are a key to the wide world; if you can't do anything else, read all that you can. - Jane Hamilton, The Book of Ruth

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