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Volume 1 Issue1

Best Practice Tips

Two words that lead you to success - Exceptional Service

What is our client expectation of service in today's highly competitive business world?

Service starts with a smile.

Service is keeping the promises that you make.

Service is providing consistent quality.

Service is listening, caring, and actively responding.

Service is making a connection - one individual at a time.

Service is keeping your focus.

Service is going one step further than the competition.

Service is being accountable for your actions.

Service is being accessible.
What more would you add to this list of possibilities?
What services do you presently offer to your clients?
More importantly, how effectively do you live up to your offerings?
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Pause for Thought

Successful people love to share their stories.

If you admire certain individuals for their achievements, ask them if they have a particular process or strategy. Won't they want to keep their secret formula to themselves? Not really. People who enjoy success are already thinking of the next big idea. One distinctive characteristic you are sure to discover, is they always put their ideas into action.

As the famous humourist Will Rogers once said, "You may be on the right track, but if just sit there you are going to get run over."

Winning Words

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased
constantly, or it vanishes.
- Peter Drucker

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