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  Volume 1 Issue 3  
Exciting News for 2006

As we enjoy the Spring months, the season of growth and renewal, I have very exciting news to share. 2005 was a very busy year for me as I travelled many times across Canada and the United States to educate and entertain audiences from all sectors - corporate, government, and associations. I also continued to coach executives and professional speakers to excel in their own presentations and speeches.  One of the most satisfying rewards of my work is to meet so many interesting and diverse individuals and exchange our ideas on challenges, solutions, and achievements.  

Last year I released my new book “ABC’s to a Lighter Life” which offers 26 recommendations on how to make positive, productive choices for our personal and professional lives.

My website www.lorrainebehnan.com has a brand new look—and still provides easy access to all the information program planners need to help prepare and engage me for your events. For the participants of my programs and visitors to my


website, there are free tools and useful resources on change and communication. I have a new promotional video with clips from my recent keynote presentations and client testimonials.

I am delighted to announce that I am now exclusively represented by Speakers’ Spotlight, whose team is eager to help make your event a great success.  Both Speakers' Spotlight and I believe strongly in doing whatever it takes to make engaging speakers virtually effortless.

2006 has already proven to be even greater and more exciting, and I hope you will include me in your plans for another memorable year. I am truly grateful to those clients, colleagues, and friends who have helped me on my journey to edu-tain and have provided opportunities to share my ideas. A heartfelt Thank You!
Best Practice Tips: Passion is Contagious

We hear a lot about passion these days. Our clients want to do business with suppliers who are passionate, and our leaders and colleagues want to work with people who are pumped about their work. Why this emergence? I believe it is because our working world is full of pressure, and stress and mental fatigue that we want to work with individuals who inspire and revitalize our energies. Passion requires a conscious effort and attention to the best choices we can make to keep ourselves and co-workers in a state of buoyancy and productivity.


Elevate your passion by:

Fully committing to a role or task
Keeping your attitude positive and generating proactive solutions
Offering emotional support and celebrating wins both big and small
Recognizing contributions and achievements of yourself and others
Passion is contagious - pass it on!
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