About Lorraine

Lorraine graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the University of Alberta, Canada in 1969, with honours.  She has performed leading roles in theatre, film, and television and received the ‘Award of Excellence’ for outstanding performance at the renowned Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

While on faculty at the University of Guelph Drama Department Lorraine developed and taught the extremely popular Public Presentation course. Her workbook, Spotlight on Presentations and her instructional audio CD, How to Communicate to Any Audience have helped hundreds of professionals become more effective presenters and communicators.

As a communication coach Lorraine works with CEO's, Presidents, and Senior Executives to elevate their presentations. She also helps people in Sales and Marketing to effectively communicate their messages to colleagues and clients.

Lorraine is the author of ABC's to a Lighter Life and shortstuff.  She has been a featured guest on television talk shows, and her articles on communication and change frequently appear in trade journals and magazines.

Theatre is still a major attraction for Lorraine, whenever possible she takes on the role of director and producer – her passion for performance is demonstrated in her keynote speeches and coaching.


A commitment to excellence

Lorraine's passionate and exhilarating style produces a contagious energy that rejuvenates her audiences, and leaves them ready to act on new goals.
Participants leave Lorraine's sessions with a confident understanding of skills that can immediately be put into practice.
The dependability of program quality is demonstrated in unsolicited client testimonials and referrals. Audiences consistently award her high marks for content and delivery.
A virtual encyclopedia on the newest business trends, Lorraine fully understands the demands on your time, and the challenge of keeping current with the latest best practices while trying to maintain your daily responsibilities. She does the research for you. Lorraine is connected with the most up-to-date resources that help companies and individuals to evolve and excel.
Accessible and personable, Lorraine builds strong client relationships through open, honest, and collaborative communication.

Your Investment

The amount you invest for Lorraine Behnan to motivate and educate your participants is determined on a per project basis. Variables may include - length of program or programs; number of participants; degree of customization and research; and travel requirements. You may also want to consider Lorraine's books and CD for added value to the program experience.

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Best Practice Tips: Leadership

Practice self-directed professional development.

Leadership does not always have to come from the top. Take responsibility for your own value, growth, and goals.

  • Build your personal brand within your profession and company, demonstrate your commitment to excellence.
  • Trust your ability to make decisions on your own, not every action requires higher level endorsement.
  • Serve your clients with urgency and focus, make your communications memorable and valuable.
  • Proactively share knowledge, be the innovator of new ideas.

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"Challenging times compel us to tap into our deepest
talents and strengths, to be innovative, create opportunities, and find solutions"

~ Lorraine Behnan


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"Lorraine’s was both educational and enjoyable.  She certainly captured our attention throughout the 90 minutes.  We would definitely recommend her!"


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