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Arctic Adventure

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Iqaluit Frobisher BayIqaluit, Nunavut  –  photograph © Lorraine Behnan

I am always amazed by Canada’s geographical and cultural diversity. Last week I was amazed once again. Being invited as the Keynote Speaker at a conference in Iqaluit created the opportunity. A bonus experience was the arrival of the Olympic flame, an historical event that I had the thrill to witness. How exhilarating to stand among the townsfolk of Iqaluit and cheer their local athletic heroes! The electricity of excitement warmed the minus 20 below zero temperature. It was spellbinding to watch our clouds of breath float in midair. I was only in Iqaluit for 24 hours yet I was deeply touched by the beauty of the people and the geography. It was also immediately apparent how the Inuit worry about their land – the melting ice caps, the lack of snow, the shift in migration habits of the wildlife. I hope we can control climate change before it further impacts this magnificent frontier.

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