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The Magical Horse

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

New naybourThis horse does not fly. He does not talk. He does not do tricks. Yet, he has brought magic to our community.

I live is a small neighbourhood on the edge of a conservation area. Across from my home is a pasture which has been vacant since moving here 9 years ago. One morning I was reading a magazine and sipping coffee by the light of the kitchen window when the horse appeared, peacefully grazing on the tall grasses. His arrival was sudden and whimsical. I had to take a long second look. It was a strange and surprising vision but a welcome one. We always thought this property was earmarked for a new house. Indeed that may be in the future but for now we have been given the gift of, Remington The Magical Horse.

Several months have passed since the arrival of Remington. The horse has become a community treasure. People pull over in their cars to stop for a visit. Sometimes they just quietly lean on the fence as they reach over to pet him, other times they share the events of the day or whisper sweet nothings or secrets. Maybe they even unload their cares and woes. Remington is an excellent listener. He holds a regal and patient pose while his nose is stroked and his ears are scratched. Dog walkers pause for a brief encounter and even their pets have made a connection to the new ‘naybor’ (sorry couldn’t resist). Children come from their homes scurrying with excitement eager to feed Remington their handful of carrots. The apple tree in our backyard has also provided a convenient and nutritional source of treats for people to offer. Sometimes the neighborhood is alerted by the clip clop of Remington’s hoofs. Kids and adults stop whatever they are doing and head for the street as the owner takes him for an afternoon stroll, frequently stopping to allow Remington’s friends to say,”Hello.”

The view from my kitchen has literally become a window to a new and joyous world. It is so heartwarming to see Remington prance toward the fence to greet the kids who have left their computers and Xboxes to spend time with their friend and folks going to and from work take time to stop for a peaceful rendezvous.

Remington is a reminder  that there is always time to stop and smell (and sometimes eat) the flowers, no matter how hectic life may be.  This is magical.