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Beyond the Joy of Speaking

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Hand shape of heartI am so fortunate to do what I do. This past month two more experiences reminded me again how wonderful it is to be a professional speaker.  The speaking is only a part of the job satisfaction. I love communicating with audiences, making them laugh, inviting them to reflect, and encouraging them to think. That’s half of the joy. The balance is the opportunity to meet such interesting and diverse people, and to learn about companies and organizations that I would otherwise not encounter.

The Deaf-Blind Coalition of Ontario and Cambrian College invited me to be a guest speaker at their respective events. My experiences are always positive. So, what was particularly special about these two?  Let me start with the Deaf-Blind Coalition.  Sharing the stage with me were two incredibly talented Sign Language Interpreters.  Signers tag-team, each sharing the stage for 10 minute intervals.  Not only were these phenomenal duo instantly interpreting my words – they were interpreting me! They were a reflection of my performance, capturing my style and messages perfectly. I was in awe.  Almost to the point where I wanted to stop speaking and watch them!  They embodied everything I try to encourage my audiences to embrace in their personal and professional lives: passion, focus, spontaneity, teamwork. There was a dinner prior to my presentation so we sat together to get to know each other. They were quick studies and demonstrated a wonderful sense of humour.

Cambrian College in Sudbury is a State of the Art institution.  While I was waiting to receive a tour of the facility, a music student graciously accepted my request for him to play his guitar.  Without hesitation or fanfare he played an emotionally charged classical piece.  The tour was another highlight.  From the training kitchens of the Chef School to the Wabode Aboriginal Centre and it’s with enchanting meditation centre.  I plan to return and enjoy a meal at the Fontaine Bleue operated by the Hotel and Restaurant Management Department, and take a meditation class with the remarkable Debbie Robertson.

Golf: Personal Mastery at Work

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Golf flagI love to golf. I am an average golfer. Average as a result of limited practice. None the less, I have a great passion for the game and look forward to the hours on the course when the only goal is to get that little white sphere in the hole. Preferably in two putts or less! Golf is an oasis from the worries and tasks of the day. Golf is great outdoor exercise while enjoying quality time with friends, family, and colleagues. For my summer holiday I went to the magnificent Priddis Greens Golf Course outside of Calgary to watch the CN Canadian Women’s Open. My intention was to breathe fresh mountain air, view the vistas of the Rockies as I watched the best women golfers in the world, and pick up a few tips along the way.  I came away with more. I learned that the best practices of golf can be applied to business. If you are top of the Leader Board today, that doesn’t ensure you will be on top tomorrow. Complacency is your biggest enemy, along with the pressure of challengers nipping at your heals. You need to play your personal best. I noted that at the end of each round the players were back on the putting green practicing for the next day.  After all, it’s those short strokes that clinch the win. As the classic saying goes, “Drive for show and putt for dough.”

Personal Mastery:


Mental and physical conditioning

Determination and discipline







Calculated risk

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