Joys of Summer

dreamstime_5069601I usually reserve my blogs for sharing best practices and current business ideas with my readers. On occasion I simply share my personal thoughts. Hopefully ones that still offer inspiration and a lightness of being.

It is summer – the season to kick back a bit and lower the tempo as the heat rises.

Summer marks the half-way point to the year and vacation is a a rewarding way to celebrate the milestone. Although work still goes on there is a more relaxed feeling in the air. The days seem longer because dark does not fall until late evening.  Summer is my time to reflect on the first six months, project about the next six, and simply enjoy the present.  This enjoyment includes golfing, gardening, hiking; barbeques with friends and family; visits with colleagues on cafe patios; and reading those books and magazines I bought months ago and collected dust because of busy schedules. The reading material is an eclectic collection of business, biography, and fiction.  If you are looking for some interesting reading please visit Lorraine’s Library.

Oh yes, one more item to add to the list of summer activities. I am learning how to use my new iPad. Yes, I have drunk the Kool-Aid, and I am feeling very refreshed.  Techno-toy or business tool?  Either way, I am loving it.

However you choose to enjoy the summer – I  wish you good health, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


2 Responses to “Joys of Summer”

  1. DEB MCGRATH says:

    Oh Lorraine I am pea green with envy! IPAD IPAD IPAD…yes I have drunk the kool-aid and have nothing to show for it. NOTHING! do you hear me?

  2. admin says:

    Deb – Envy no more…Run to your nearest Apple Store! I love my iPad. I take it everywhere. Spend the extra and get 3G. If you have an iPhone you will adapt to this device quite easily. After all…it IS an Apple.

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