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Tall Tale about Shrimp

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

ShrimpA tale can be fictitious or true. This is a true tale.  While vacationing in Naples Florida this month I discovered a fabulous grocer called Wynn’s Market. Fresh everything! Prepared gourmet meals, mouthwatering appetizers, and exotic condiments . Heaven for the vacationer.  The experience at Wynn’s turned out not only to be a discovery of fine cuisine but a lesson in sales and customer service.

As I approached the seafood locker and eyed the selection of shrimp, the smiling server peered over the shelf and said, “I see you are having difficulty making a choice. Let me help you.”  She presented me with a plump shrimp from the local Gulf of Mexico.  It was exquisite! Then she offered an imported shrimp from the Pacific at half the price of those from the gulf.  “Now try this one and don’t worry about finishing it. Here’s a paper towel. ”  These were  clearly inferior.  It was no contest. I bought the Gulf shrimp  – quality won over price. As the server reminded me, “How often do you have the opportunity to eat such wonderful fresh shrimp like this?” The interaction was about two minutes – the revenue $23.00.  Oh yes, and I returned to the market twice more in the week.

Tips from the Shrimp Tale:

  1. Observe customer behaviour
  2. Offer your expertise with a friendly smile
  3. Allow the customer to experience the product
  4. Compare value for price
  5. Reassure the customer about their purchase decision