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Trust: The “T” in Teamwork

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

trust-letterpress1When times are challenging and transitions looming, effective teamwork can be a turnkey for success.   My workshops on teamwork are in demand these days, along with personal change management and communication. Teamwork, change, and communication are synergetic.  The common denominator is ‘Trust’. Trust is the glue that holds the team together, keeps communication honest and transparent, and makes successful transitions possible.  Feedback from a recent workshop underscored the importance of trust. Once the participants learned the critical need for trust they suggested that we could have easily dedicated more time on the topic and definitely needed to include it in future meetings.  Trust can take years to build, and only minutes to lose.


1.  Be consistently reliable.  This means not occasionally; it means always.

2. Deliver on promises.  Words can be cheap; the value is in the action.

3.  Accept accountability.  Mistakes are made; how we rectify them is the important thing.

4.  Communicate truthfully.  The truth may be difficult to express and to receive; it is always the best choice.

5. Keep confidences.  Sometimes people just need someone to talk to about their fears, needs, and concerns and often they don’t even expect a response. They have confided in you because they trust you.

6.  Be inclusive. If you work as a team everyone needs to be included in every communication in matters that involve the group.

View video of Lorraine speaking on the topic of  Trust