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Interesting Meeting Trend

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009


I sense a new meeting trend is emerging. My recent engagements and pending requests involve clients who want a speaker to have the ability to lead workshops and facilitate meetings in addition to delivering a keynote speech. The client wants to build on the fundamental messages and practices of the keynote. A speaker who can train as well as entertain.

This combined offering has great value.

  1. The keynote content can be taken to the next level whereby the participants can dive deeper into the learning and development process while the ideas are current. There is immediate opportunity to put theory into practice.
  2. The participants build a deeper relationship with the speaker thereby increasing their willingness to embrace and implement ideas.
  3. The continuity of themes and practices come from having the same person deliver the keynote and workshop or facilitation.
  4. If you are holding your meeting at an off-site venue with a smaller group consider inviting the speaker to participate in social and recreational activities.  This inclusion fosters camaraderie and teamwork and can build trust and connectivity which is essential for a successful meeting.
  5. Engaging the same person to be a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and facilitator may allow for a cost saving opportunity.