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The Microphone is Your Friend, or Can You Hear Me Now?
As experienced by Lorraine Behnan
Rolling with Digital Punches
AVW-TELAV "Meeting in Progress" Newsletter Summer 2005
Lights, Camera, Advice: connecting with your client in 6 easy pieces
FORUM Magazine, published by the Advocis Publishing Group November 2003
Presentation Pointers from a Pro
RBC Royal Bank - Women Entrepreneurs (Sharing Biz Strategies), Winter 2002. In our world of constant media bombardment and short attention spans, it's increasingly difficult to engage peoples' attention and communicate your ideas.
A Laughing Matter, Meetings & Incentive Travel Magazine, December 2000.
Injecting elements of humour into meetings and conferences can have a seriously positive effect on your company's morale and productivity.
Techno-Etiquette, CA Magazine, August 2000.
It's not the e-mails and faxes that foul things up - the sender is usually the one at fault.
Are You Techno-Etiquette Impaired?
Life Insurance Institute of Canada, Fall 1999.
A Spotlight on Presentations, Meeting Professionals International, Toronto Chapter Newsletter
June/July 1996.
Quest for Balance: An Interview with Lorraine Behnan
Human Resources Association of Calgary Newsletter, Vol. 26, Issue 7, March 1996.