Quest for Balance

An Interview with Lorraine Behnan

A newsletter on Human Resources Management
Volume 26 * Issue 7 * March, 1996
Quest For Balance Conference Preview

Lorraine Behnan Interviewed by June Haynes
"Changing Channels, Take Action Towards a More Healthy Way of Life."

After our conference call with Lorraine Behnan we are convinced that you will find her presentation energizing, entertaining and humourous. Lorraine Behnan describes her presentation as a "massage for the mind." As she stated, the seminar is time to take a break from our daily work. You will get some tips on how to lighten up. You will leave this seminar with specific tools to help you thrive and get beyond just hanging on.

Lorraine has worked as a professional actor for 18 years. She teaches acting at the University of Guelph and has given seminars and presentations to diverse groups from accountants to law office employees. She worked with Second City Comedy Revue and SCTV in Edmonton where she also obtained her BFA. Her artistic view and approach provides a creative outlook and kaleidoscopic vision.

In her concept of Changing Channels, we are directors of our own programs. We can move into another direction instead of playing reruns, the same videos etc. which lead to boredom. She will discuss blocks that we face as we try to break patterns.

In an interactive presentation, Lorraine will share techniques and specific exercises along with anecdotes pulled from theatre life and life in general. She will discuss personality types, how different people approach goals, and evaluate risk taking, creativity and ability to adapt. You will leave with suggestions on how to start on a small scale, set achievable goals and workable strategies.

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